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Why US or China should provide weapons to the National Unity Government of Myanmar?

Myanmar was going in the right direction under the leadership of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi until 1st

Of February 2021. Myanmar people had some freedom although it is not perfect. There were some development economically and I am quite sure no one can deny it. Even Suu Kyi’s critics will have to admit that her rule was a hundred times better than the current military rule.

After the coup, the junta ruthlessly killed innocent civilians and the west failed to protect under the responsibility to protect. Therefore, people decided to protect themselves by taking up arms. US and the west decided to wait and see because the west don’t like violent ways to topple the military. As a result, neither US nor the West didn’t provide any weapons to the National Unity Government of Myanmar and its people defence force(PDF). China, India and Thailand sealed off their borders to stop flowing of arms into Myanmar. In theory, it will be very difficult for people to get weapons to defend themselves and they should abandon their dreams of taking up arms. However the people of Myanmar people are very innovative and started designing their own improvised explosive device and designing rifles and produce themselves. Their mines are very good in quality and inflicting heavy casualties to the junta’s troops.

Now, Russia is providing mines resistant ambush protected vehicles(KamAZ-53949), tanks, bombs and offensive weapons to commit mass killing in Burma. I am quite sure that western intelligent services will know that a Russian ship docked and delivered latest weapons to commit more war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma by the junta. As a result, the west especially US and UK should reflect and reassess their approach to Myanmar’s conflict. Ukrainians are suffering as a result of Russia’s threat and massing of its troops close to Ukrainian border. If the West let it go in Burma, the rest will follow and it will be too late for the West to defend its own interest. It will be better and fair to provide weapons to the National Unity Government of Myanmar, so that they can defend themselves and will be at the level playing field with the junta. Otherwise, the junta will kill more people with Russians’ weapons.

For China, it is also time for reflection and reassess its position in Burma. The junta will get more weapons from Russia and will try to attack all of its opposition including China’s protégé ethnic groups. It is about time for China to face more clashes on its own border. There will be no stability in Burma while the junta is in power. If there is no stability, it will be very difficult to do trade with Burma and to protect China’s interest. The best way for China to protect its own interest is to provide weapons to the National Unity Government(NUG) of Myanmar. As NUG has command and control structure, they will be able to control local forces and protect China’s interest. But they need weapons in order to protect themselves. By providing weapons to NUG, China can change the civil war quickly and establish a safe and stable neighbour. This is a good time to do when Suu Kyi is able to influence in Burma. Without her, it will be more difficult to control post conflict Burma by that time. There is no best way out from the current quagmire but providing the weapons to the NUG is the best and least painful way to solve the problem in Burma.

In conclusion, I would like to urge US to provide weapons to the NUG to counteract Russia’s influence and to protect Myanmar people. China should try and change its own image and also protect its own national interest by providing weapons to the NUG as well.

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Jan 26, 2022

Sayar, I have big regrets of not voting for Trump. At least the Republican president can be a threat to MAL and gang of Thugs. I am not sure about Biden who has interest in sending weapons to Burma. Ukraine got first attention than Burma is not fair because we have been under attack since last February.

Jan 26, 2022
Replying to

Yes I agree so much, this is so true.

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