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Why India should support Myanmar democratic forces?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

India is a QUAD member and a big democratic country. India has moral responsibility to support Myanmar’s democratic movement. In addition, Myanmar’s military is supporting the rebels who are attacking India’s armed forces. They made a deal with Myanmar army and they are helping the junta in crushing the democratic forces especially Chinland Defence forces (CDF). In return, the junta terrorist Min Aung Hlaing agreed them to operate on Myanmar’s side. The deal is agreed between Lt General Moe Myint Tun and the rebels groups who are fighting against India’s armed forces. Everything is the gentleman agreement but no ink.

India can win a lot by supporting CDF. First of all, India is showing leadership where China and ASEAN are dithering. But the most important thing is to protect India’s national security. By supporting CDF, India can also neutralise the rebel and preserve the border stability like China did with United Wa State Army against the junta. In addition, India needs a stable Burma for its Look East policy. There is no way the junta can control the country in the near future. If India helps CDF and PDF, the battle will be quick and easy. People will win ultimately but India can be part of the history by siding on the right side.

At the same time, I do hope that India’s security services can verify my report and India can side with the democratic forces rather than the junta.

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