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UN, ASEAN, US, UK and other concerned countries

I wrote an article about the terrorist organisation (Myanmar Military)which is planning to bomb schools or set fire on schools “က-င-ဗ-ထ-င-တ-ဘယ-သ-လ” on 17th May 2021. It has been instructed by the coup leader and a terrorist Min Aung Hlaing to his spy chief Ye Win Oo. How did he get this idea? It is from Russia who supported the coup. Inside Burma, most people think China is behind the coup and most people write about anti China articles and propaganda. These are mainly done by the military spies and some pro democracy activists who based in the West. However, China didn’t say anything when Min Aung Hlaing explained to China’s Foreign Minister Mr Wang Yi. China was having a good relationship with NLD government and doesn’t want to compromise it. Although Suu Kyi’s NLD led government scrutinised their projects, they are happy with it. In fact, Russian Defence minister Sergey Shoygu was briefed in details about the possible coup and he gave Min Aung Hlaing some advice and blessing. He demanded Min Aung Hlaing to give Russia access to Coco Island for his Navy fleet like Syria. Min Aung Hlaing reportedly agreed to speed up bilateral cooperation if he becomes President.

In Myanmar, most teachers are on strike and some are running for their lives. The terrorist group led by Min Aung Hlaing is doing mass arrest not only on pro democracy activists but also on doctors, teachers, allied health professionals, civil servants, artists, celebrities and of course politicians as well. At the same time, Covid third wave is on the horizon as well. So common sense person will decide not to open schools. However, Min Aung Hlaing is like Hitler and he knows only for his power. The main reason for his coup is just to keep himself in power rather than voter frauds. That is what he said to the President U Win Myint and the State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and they refused to give him any more extension. If you are not insane, you can easily see that his school opening plan will be doomed without teachers, students and rising COVID third wave infection. Why is he desperately trying to open schools? He knows the world hate terrorism and how Russian managed to manipulate the world opinion after Beslan school attack in North Ossetia. In 2004, Chechen rebels took hostage in Beslan school number one and Russian failed rescue attempt resulted in 334 people death. But Russian managed to get the world’s sympathy.

Now People hate the military led by Min Aung Hlaing and regarded him and his organisation as a terror group. People formed the Defence force locally to protect themselves from this terrorist group led by Min Aung Hlaing rather than waiting for UN ‘s R2P. Min Aung Hlaing knows too well that National Unity Government and its army (PDF) will receive the hardware support sooner or later. In order to discredit those groups, he formed another Buddhist terror group called Pyu Saw Htee. Members of Pyu Saw Htee are retired military personals, USDP party members and ultra nationalist Buddhist group Ma Ba Tha which is connected to firebrand Wirathu banned by NLD government and promoted by terror chief Min Aung Hlaing. Their aim is to set fire on markets and schools and blamed on the democratic movement. There are few schools which were set on fire are empty and people boycotted successfully. There is no reason to set fire in the first place. But the terror group(army) and its ultranationalist group decided to set fire on it.

Therefore, UN and ASEAN should study how wicked this individual Min Aung Hlaing is. He will do anything to cling onto power. He said that there is nothing off the table and he can do anything for his power. He will go low and there is no limit for him and he can go to hell for his power. The world should know that he has committed genocide in Rakhine state and he will commit more crimes in Burma until he dies. When the world is watching and waiting to act, more people are dying in Burma. Myanmar people have to protect themselves if UN and ASEAN fail to protect them in the first place. We need your help. But we will do it ourselves and protect ourselves.

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