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How the junta is using Oxygen as weapon of mass destruction in Burma?

How the junta is using Oxygen as weapon of mass destruction in Burma?

COVID is spreading across Burma and the number of patients who need oxygen are also going up. As expected, the junta has no clue how to manage and contain COVID. They have no interest in prevention because they used all vaccine for senior army members after the coup. They took away all vaccine after the coup to the army headquarter in Naypyidaw and gave it to high ranking senior officers and their relatives. So they assume that they are safe. In addition, the junta wanted to show that they are in control of the government and they opened the schools and places of worship without good safety measures in place. In addition, border trade was resumed between Rakhine and Bangladesh while COVID infection rate was high in Bangladesh.

Now COVID is tearing up Burma in addition to the coup and economic hardship. The junta can’t open any new temporary hospitals or quarantine centre like the previous NLD government. The centre opened by the junta looks like the cage for animals and no one wants to go there. As a result, people stay at home and causing cross infection among family members and neighbours. In addition, there is no doctors in the hospital because some are arrested and some went into hiding. Thus, people decided to stay at home and they use oxygen when they are short of breath. Even if they want to go to hospital, they are redirected to several hospitals and some die when they are looking for hospital. People tried to get oxygen from local oxygen plants and refill it. However, the junta troops stormed these plants and told the owner at gun point that they will shoot the owner if he gives oxygen to the public instead of giving it to the military. In fact, the junta should produce their own oxygen but they are raiding oxygen plants and denying oxygen to the patient in needs and using oxygen as a weapon to kill people is shocking and no words to express it.

Therefore, many people will die in Burma due to lack of oxygen as the junta is using oxygen as a weapon. The number of people who will die due to lack of Oxygen will be much higher than other crisis in Burma. The world needs to act rather than watching.

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