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Who will end the junta’s brutality on innocent children?

I’m quite sure that the world is watching the late Queen’s state funeral and busy with Ukraine and how to tackle the inflation caused by the Russian’s war on Ukraine. Russia is also committing so many war crimes in Ukraine. However, lets not forget what is happening in Burma. As we all know that the junta, Min Aung Hlaing regards Putin as a master of peace in the world and purchased lots of air to surface missiles from Russia. Let’s not forget that the junta drove millions of Muslim(Rohingyas) out of Burma by force and burned their villages. The junta shot the demonstrators on the spot. When the world is worrying about that, the junta’s soldier squash the demonstration by driving the car into the demonstrators and kill. The behaviour of the junta is like what we have seen in Europe where the terrorist drove into the civilians. If that’s not enough, the junta killed the famous politicians. Now, the junta is much bolder and they know that President Biden is a toothless tiger. They know that US president will do nothing to punish him militarily while Putin will support him with weapons whatever he needs. Inside the junta’s camp, they feel secure that President Biden is in power. Because they know that he won’t commit any US boots on the ground and they can commit crimes with impunity. So far they are right. You may say that ICC(International Criminal Court) will prosecute the generals and they are confident that it won’t happen until they die. Only thing they worry about is that if People Defence Force armed by NUG(the National Unity Government) advances on the ground, there might be mass defection inside the army and that is the only danger they care or worry about. As the world is watching and doing nothing, the junta is committing more crimes with impunity.

The latest crime is its attack on primary school with helicopter gunships. It happened in Tabayin Township. Some apologists  may say it is just a collateral damage. In fact, it is premeditated murder and terrorist act. Why can I say that? First of all, the junta’s airforce launch air strike to the primary school in Lat Yat Kone village in Tabayin Township. Up to that point, you may argue that they are doing it because they are not sure who is on the ground. But that place is clearly marked as a primary school and they admitted that they knew that it is a primary school. Nevertheless, they unleashed firepower from more than one helicopter. Imagine how five, six and seven years old kids were frightening and suffering at that time. Imagine if it is your children inside the building, how do you feel about it. President Putin should know that what the junta he is supporting is doing the same way like Chechen terrorists raided the Beslan school and killed innocent children. Then, they descended and raided the school like raiding a terrorist camp. When they found out that these are just primary school children, they didn’t stop firing and shelling. They continued to open fire and kidnapped the children. How on earth a normal human being can possibly do that? They are even worst than terrorists. I have no word to express my anger.

I know that UN will express its sorrow and it will be followed by EU and US as well. I know that you can’t come and protect our children. But you can do one thing. Please provide surface to air missiles to protect ourselves against these helicopters and planes provided by Russia. We will make sure that these weapons are accounted for and we will make sure that these weapons are not passed into terrorist hands. We have good command and control system and NUG can control its forces. If you don’t provide any weapons, the junta and Russia  are laughing at your sanctions and will kill more innocent civilians and children. It’s never too late to help Burma.

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