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Open letter to Foreign Secretary Mr Dominic Raab

This month, the UN has to decide who to back for the UN representative for Myanmar. There are two choices, one is Ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tune, who was chosen by the people of Myanmar and representing the National Unity Government(NUG) led by Aung San Suu Kyi and the other choice is Colonel Aung Thurein appointed by the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing. If the UK looks from a territorial perspective, the junta is controlling Burma. However, if the UK looks from moral perspective, the NUG is the legitimate government of Burma.

However, this decision is well beyond the choice of two governments. It is the choice for the UK to make between good and evil. It will also decide whether the UK has the gut to face the junta diplomatically rather than symbolic sanctions. If we look at it bit closer, there are lots at stake including UK’s values and foreign policy.

UK was at the forefront in criticising Suu Kyi’s government for the handling of the Rohinghya crisis and was shooting from the hip at that time. Now Burma is in the hands of the junta who committed that Genocide.This is not a normal coup government but it is a coup led by the junta who has committed Genocide and facing a trial at the ICJ. By supporting and recognising the junta’s interim government, UK will set a precedent for encouraging more Genocide not only in Burma but also around the rest of the world. The Taliban is closely watching the UK’s move at UN. If the junta gets away with a UN seat, The Taliban will also follow the junta’s path and will commit more Genocides. We, the Myanmar people do understand that UK can’t send troops or no will to provide any weapons to Myanmar’s opposition group. But we need your moral support by choosing the legitimate government of Myanmar which is the National Unity Government and voting for its representative U Kyaw Moe Tun. Otherwise, history will tell us that you sided with the evil junta and you sided with Nazi.

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