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Decision time for President Biden

President Biden has made history by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Now, another one is waiting for President Biden. This time it is the opposite of war, but the same principle. Is US going to side with its values or is it going to sell its values to Russia, China and ASEAN. Why? There is no secret that Mr Biden doesn’t like war. It’s obvious in the book written by former President Obama. As a candidate, President Biden is against Human Rights violations in Burma, China and Russia. It is understandable that too much is at stake for the US to take on China and Russia. However, Burma is different. In Burma, the current coup leader is wanted by ICJ and the one who committed Genocide against Rohingya. It was candidate Biden who was campaigned for Rohingya. Now, the same junta who committed Genocide is in charge of Burma. He is killing more people as much as he can thanks to the non intervention policy under Mr Biden. He killed hundreds of peaceful demonstrators and now burnt villages and killing more innocent civilians. He is committing crimes against humanity on an industrial scale. The condemnation and sanctions from US, UK and Western Europe hasn’t dented his resolve to commit more crimes.

Now Myanmar people are rising up against his coup by taking up arms. I understand that the US has no will to send any troops. In addition, US may not want to provide any weapons rather than humanitarian assistance. We, the Myanmar people are going to fight for our own rights, freedom and democracy with or without any foreign help. However, we need your support for the UN seat. You need to recognise our ambassador U Kyaw Moe Tun who is appointed by the government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. By approving his post at UN, the US can provide moral support to the people of Burma and it will show that US support is more than rhetoric. This is not only the fate of Burma’s UN seat. If the US supports the junta’s representative at UN, that will send the wrong signal to the despot around the world and it will weak US foreign policy. Please think about it. How will North Korea, Syria and Iran think about the US foreign policy when the US is even afraid to confront the junta in Burma. The world is not perfect and we don’t expect US to be the world’s policeman. But we expect the US to show its leadership and has the gut to stand up to the junta. This time standing on the wrong side will be much costly for US than the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. I hope that the US will make the right decision and show its leadership.

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