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Decision time for China

Myanmar is the next door neighbour to China and it is strategically important for China. China had a good relationship with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led NLD government for five years. Now Myanmar is in the hands of junta and China has to make a decision whether to invite the junta Min Aung Hlaing to China-ASEAN summit. I do understand that it is not an easy decision for China but I hope that China can make the right decision for its own interest not even for Myanmar people.

Although the junta would like to sell his country at a cheap price to China, they hate China from their hearts. They learned how to hate and distrust China when they started their officer training. So please don’t think the junta is on your side. For the sake of argument, I will take the notion that China invite the junta for the China-ASEAN summit. It won’t go down well with Myanmar people and it will incite more anti China sentiment inside Burma. That is the first moral dilemma for China. Then China might invest as usual. There was not a problem in 1988 but now PDF forces are in Burman’s heartland. No project will be safe without their approval. The junta can’t even protect its own officers let alone China’s investment. Therefore, there won’t be no benefit to China by investing in Burma. China had no experience in peacekeeping or regime change like US or UK. There is no way China can protect its own interest with force without costing too much money like US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So what should China do? The best advice I can give as a,NLD government supporter and previous government insider is to stay away from the junta. Please don’t invite him to China-ASEAN summit first. That will improve relationship between China and Myanmar people. That will be the first step in the right direction. There is nothing to loose for China by not inviting Min Aung Hlaing. This will also show that China is neutral.

In addition, China should reduce the volume of trade with Burma or impose economic sanctions by blocking its border. That will make the regime think twice and will make them reconsider their stance against ASEAN’s envoy. The third and last is to contact NUG and provide offensive weapons to PDF via third party. By doing so, China can side with Myanmar people instead of junta.

I am quite sure that China’s intelligent services are monitoring this website and inform the policy makers. I do hope that China will make the right decision and side with People rather than the junta.

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