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Before you give refugee status to AA terrorist chief’s wife

First of all, Burma is trying to build a democratic country by peaceful mean. We do have an elected leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. She is trying her best to achieve peace and development in Burma. Although Burma is not perfect in transition to democracy, it is better and much cost effective than western democratisation effort in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

During this time, AA is trying to terrorise local population in Rakhine state. It’s relationship with ANP (Arakan National Party) which collaborated with the army before it cracked down on Bengali is unclear. AA killed locals who they suspected of collaborating with the army. Initially, you may think that is necessary for the insurgency. Later, they started killing some Burmese traders because they are just simply not Arakan national. You may still think it is an excusable offence. Then please look at the latest attempt to arrest an elected member of parliament is an outright attempt to suppress democracy and terrorise people. They cited that he has collaborated with the military without any evidence or proper trial. In addition, they killed a local township chairman of the governing NLD party because he committed a crime by supporting Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. They arrested him and executed immediately. They later blamed on the army‘s shelling. This is a war crime if it is not a terrorist act. You can’t simply arrest a local for supporting a person. For me, their act is equivalent to ISIS and Osma Bin laden.

As a western country, I don’t think you will accept when IRA kidnapped a British MP and also if Catalonian’ independence movement kidnapped a Spanish MP. You will consider this an act of War and whoever support these groups as a terrorist supporter. In addition, I don’t think China will like it if we give a refugee status to an Uighur terrorist.

Here, I would like to argue all western countries, China and Thailand not to support this terrorist organisation called AA and not to give refugee status to his wife. His wife is a financial controller and do all finance for her husband. Therefore, she is not an innocent person in this terrorist organisation. His children can be looked after by their grandfather who is the speaker of Rakhine’s parliament.

For western countries who are worried too much about the rule of law in Burma, we have not jailed the speaker of Rakhine’s parliament just because of who he is and his son in law is the head of terrorist organisation. He lives freely and doing his job.

I hope western countries and China don’t have double standard.

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