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Who is responsible for killing of Ko Yar Zar Aung in Mandalay?

There were two civilians killed in Mandalay shooting initially by the No 33 infantry division which is notorious for War Crimes in Rakhine state. Yesterday, another innocent two civilians passed away from gun shot wound. Now the total casualties from the military coup is five civilians and number are gradually going up.

How was he killed? Who is responsible for his killing? The order comes from coup leader Min Aung Hlaing who ordered to restore the transport link. Therefore, his chief of staff(Army) Lt. Gen Moe Myint Tun ordered the commander of central command Major General Ko Ko Oo to clear the areas at all costs. That is how the security forces have started shooting at the peaceful protesters by using live ammunition.

The peaceful demonstrator Ko Yar Zar Aung had been shot in his leg first and he surrendered. Instead of treating him properly, the security forces hit his head and chest and inflicted more injuries after the arrest. He was profusely bleeding from his gun shot wound. The army has the duty to treat even enemy combatant under the Geneva convention. He is not even an enemy combatant and he is just a peaceful demonstrator. They put him in prison van and refused any attempts by civilian medics to treat him. There are several videos to collaborate what I am writing here. The army under Min Aung Hlaing committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

After that, Ko Yar Zar Aung was crying due to pain and the army medics didn’t give him any analgesia and they didn’t treat his gun shot wound. These army medics didn’t follow the code of conduct and duty of a doctor although they are supposed to treat even enemy combatant. As they didn’t treat Ko Yar Zar Aung properly, Ko Yar Zar Aung died from hypovolaemic and septic shock and head injury. Then the military tried to cover up by saying that he passed away due to COVID and burnt his body to hide any criminal evidence. So they committed two more crimes by falsification of death certificate and obstruction of justice by burning evidence. He was well and demonstrating few days ago and how on earth he can die within few days with COVID. COVID will take some time to have symptoms. All these killings are ordered by Min Aung Hlaing via Moe Myint Tun and commander Ko Ko Oo.

Shall we afraid of military due to these killings? The loss of life is not good and we might be afraid of gun and being shot dead. But if we don’t demonstrate due to fear, we will live under the military rule forever. Therefore, we have no choice but to come out and demonstrate against the coup. Even our National hero General Aung San fought back Japan’s emperor and UK and France also fought back Nazi during WWII. Many people died during the Second World War but they have their freedom back. Therefore, we have to fight back Nazi Min Aung Hlaing. Please don’t give up. There is always hope and someone can also assassinate him as well inside his army. We have to fight by all means. Democracy must prevail.

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