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The junta’s Iran and Hezbollah connection

There were few flights coming from Iran and landing in Naypyidaw. That raised some eyebrow in the power of corridor in Tel Avis, Washington and London. In theory, the junta’s rhetoric is anti-Islam and portrayed themselves as a defender of Buddhism in Burma. So what is really happening in Naypyidaw.

It is good to look back what is happening in Burma. The military is calling real shots in Burma under 2008 Constitution and gave too much troubled to the civilian government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. However, the world know that Min Aung Hlaing is responsible for Genocide against Rohingya. He started his plot to remove Aung San Suu Kyi’s government from power together with some Rakhine nationalist and his ultranationalist monks. However, his troops overdid it and millions of Rohingya fled the country. As a result, Myanmar is facing a case at ICJ and he will be sooner or later issued with the arrest warrant like Sudan dictator Omar al-Bashir by ICC. The only way he can be protected under 2008 Constitution is if he is President. From Suu Kyi’s perspective, it is impossible as he will drag the country into political turmoil and sanctions will come if she can’t handover him to the Hague. It is just about time. Therefore, she denied his request to be nominated as President. That prompted the military to make up this voter fraud allegation against NLD. It is bit strange allegation as it is the military who rigged the vote and asked the soldiers to vote for his favourite party (USDP). In addition, the voter list is based on Immigration department which is under the control of ex-USDP minister and all election commission secretaries are ex-military personnels. They are the one who made the voter list.

Now, we shall go back and look at Iran’s connection. Myanmar army was very big, robust and battle hardened according to some military experts. However, after the coup, the majority Burmese rise up and fight back by taking up arms. The junta initially played down their threat but they realised the full force of resistance after suffering heavy casualties. They are under siege in different parts of Burma and losing control over it. It is like in Syria and they never met such resistance especially from majority Burmese population. Therefore, they looked for advice and training. So how can Iran help the junta. The junta needs some expertise in fighting counter insurgency and Iran’s experience in Syria is helpful. Iranian were there in Syria as an advisory and command-and-control capacity, though some were involved in combat alongside proxy militia groups.

Therefore, Iran deputy commander of Quds force, Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Fallahzadeh visited Burma and met with Deputy Commander in Chief, Deputy Senior General Soe Win. The meeting lasted for nearly 2 hours. Some Quds force personnel stayed behind in Naypyidaw to train special forces. However, this is not the whole story. The junta was in secret talk with Iran to purchase 3rd of Khordad (Surface to air missile) which was used to shoot down US RQ-4 drone. The idea is to use these missiles to protect possible US drone strikes and more advanced drone strikes from PDF(People Defence Force under the command of National Unity Government). It is highly likely that these missiles were transferred in second flight from Iran. This is in violation of UNSC resolution 2231, paragraph 6b, Annex B. In addition, the junta Min Aung Hlaing has acquired some unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The inside source closed to Naypyidaw said that there are about 3 tons of arms each flight. It is bit strange that why regime is getting arms from Iran while they can get it from Russia and China. However, China is bit reluctant to involve in it and the junta wants some allies in the Islamic world and the junta wants Iran to influence others in Rohingya case. In addition, they need some expert help to fight PDF and they believe that Iran can help them like in Syria.

It is now up to Isreal, US, UN, UK and EU to decide what to do with Iran and how to help Myanmar people and remove Burma which is under the junta from this axis of evil. The junta in Burma is breaking UNSC resolution 2231 and it is up to UN and US to act.

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