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The art of creating a fake hit list

In Burma, most people hate the military and its leader Min Aung Hlaing. He is notorious for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. If you ask anyone to create a hit list, at the top of the list will be Min Aung Hlaing and his family members. The answer will be the same whether it is from the well-educated rector or the cleaner because they all hate the coup leader Min Aung Hlaing. If you want to expand the list, this will include his subordinate Soe Win, his right-hand man Moe Myint Tun and left-hand man spy chief Ye Win Oo. However, there was a hit list circulating initially in the military circle and then in some diplomatic community closely associated with the military. The list is baffling and strange to the ordinary Burmese people. The story goes that a hit list was created by the NUG and one person on the list has been shot dead. Therefore, the assumption is made that the hit list is genuine, and some diplomats asked for an explanation from the Nation Unity Government whether the hit list exists.

First, I would like to address whether the list is genuine or not. As you all know, Burma's revolution was abandoned by UK and US. There is no military support to NUG and therefore the NUG can't provide any weapons to those local forces. As a result, the NUG has no control over any ethnic armed organisations and some local forces. Most local forces are self-funded and fighting to protect their local population where the UN failed to provide any protection for the civilians. However, they largely follow and observe the Geneva convention on War. If UN, UK and US want NUG to control all local forces, they need to provide weapons and funding to NUG. Now, these local forces are fighting to protect the civilians with a shotgun.

Then we should look at the hit list. The hit list looked like a fake list and any ordinary Burmese know it instantly when they see it. You don’t need an intelligent expert to figure this out. The first is the omission of Min Aung Hlaing and his wife, his family members from the list. Secondly, other notorious senior military leaders and their family members are not on the list as well. Then the hit list included Thura Shwe Man but Thein Sein is missing. People might want to kill Thein Sein more than Thura Shwe Man because the USDP party members associated with Thein Sein are serving under Min Aung Hlaing. Another thing missing in the hit list is some key players in the military. Up to that point, you can argue either way. But this list becomes a laughing-stock because it included former student leader Ko Ko Gyi and Nay Yan Oo who lost the election landslide and no one was interested in their existence. In Burma, bullets are very expensive, and no one wants to kill these people like Ko Ko Gyi and Nay Yan Oo. The reason the military intelligent put their names on the list is that the military want to target these people and prove their list is genuine. The military don’t want to prove that list is genuine by killing Thein Sein or Min Aung Hlaing’s daughter. By doing so, the junta can kill its opponents and blame on NUG and they think they can get away easily. This will be hitting two birds with one stone.

The question is who created the list. This is obvious that this list was created by the military intelligent unit. It is mainly to undermine the credibility of NUG and to clear some old enemy by using the list for themselves. If you don't believe it, you can ask MI6 and CIA to investigate it for themselves.

So these people on the list are safe? As I said before, NUG can't provide weapons and enough funds to these local defence forces and therefore, NUG has little control over them. This is the direct result of western policy not to provide any weapons to NUG. When local forces are self funded, they will pursue their own agenda. For example, I declared that I will assassinate Min Aung Hlaing and all his family members even after his death if former Yangon Chief Minister Phyo Min Thein is dead under his custody. That is nothing to do with NUG and NUG can't stop me. I am not funded by NUG although I am not against NUG. At the same time, NUG won't be able to guarantee Phyo Min Thein's safety. I don't think that the US and UK can't guarantee it either. So, I have no choice but to find justice for myself. I am quite sure that there are hundreds of people who are looking for justice in Burma because their loved ones are shot dead by the military and their houses are burnt down by the military. They will ask the questions where these diplomats are when the military is killing my loved ones and they are just now worrying for the fake hit list. Some may seek revenge for their loved ones. These diplomats who are asking for a fake hit list should be ashamed for their silence when Burmese people are dying. As I said before, no one wants war and that is why Daw Aung San Suu Kyi tried her best to accommodate the military. Chamberlain didn't want war and he tried to appease Nazi Germany but didn't work. At the same time, Churchill decided to fight, and it did work. Sometime the war is necessary to end the oppression and to get the freedom like in US civil war and Second World War. We, people of Burma don't like war. However, we are prepared to fight this war to defend ourselves and to get our freedom from the military. I wish that all diplomats should worry about the lives of Burmese people rather than the fake hit list and wasting your time. If you want to influence those local forces, make sure you provide weapons to NUG and make NUG stronger. If you don’t want to help us, leave us alone. I don’t think that Taliban won’t be in power if they keep listening to BBC, VOA and those diplomats.

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phyomyotun99 tun
phyomyotun99 tun
Nov 17, 2021

..that was well written, you hit everything right on the head..thank you!

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