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Open letter to US, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, India & EU Ambassadors in Myanmar

In Burma, there has been talks about whether we do have two governments or not. As per 2008 military drafted constitution, army has the power over security forces. That caused a lot of problem in Rakhine State where western countries are interested in. You blamed Noble peace prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi for not speaking out against the military. She did try her best to persuade the military leaders to change their behaviour. But what she can do is very limited under the current constitution.

Commander in chief has the power to appoint the minister for home affairs, defence and border affairs and also able to appoint 25% of MP without any election. In addition, they have separate judicial system and commander in chief has the final say in it. That is why the military personnels who committed crimes are released by him without president consent and he doesn’t need to discuss with president or ask permission from president as per current constitution.

Therefore, NLD led government is trying to change the constitution. Since they started to prepare to amend the constitution, there are military backed thugs who are demonstrating to show their support for current constitution. Obviously, there are still more people in support of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi than the military back party. The notorious Wirathu sermoned hate speech against the government and other religion and therefore, the government has no choice but to issue arrest warrant.

Yesterday, this illegal monk organisation led by Wirathu had an annual assembly in Yangon and Yangon regional commander Maj-General That Pone donated 30 million kyats to them. This is the organisation which is clearly against the government and trying to bring down the government and is also illegal in Burma. This shows that the military is clearly organising anti government activities in order to bring down the democratically elected government.

I hope you are aware of this situation in Burma and will stand together with people of Burma for democracy and defeat the military dictatorship together.

In addition, I hope that you won’t impose any sanctions on Burma but only focus to impose sanction for those who are responsible for crimes and their business if you have to show it to your constituent.

In summary, yesterday action by Yangon region military commander showed that Burma has two governments; one is democratically elected and led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who is promoting inclusive politics, freedom, equality and better society and there is another one who is led by some rogue element in army who is backward looking, misogynist, racist, corrupt and dictatorship. I do believe that you will look at these events and stand together with people of Burma and its democracy movement against these evils.

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