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Lessons to learn for UNSC members and the West from ‘Je suis Samuel’

We are shocked in Myanmar(Burma) and really sorry to hear that Samuel was beheaded because he was teaching his students for freedom of speech lessons. The terrorist who beheaded him was finally shot dead by police and the Republic might be reeling from the news that the attacker is from Chechen origin. Across the channel, there was a bombing in Manchester arena which was committed by another terrorist brothers. Again, these are from the area where the West gave them refuge from prosecution in their own country.

It is good for the West to give political asylum to those who are persecuted because of their religion, ethnic origin and political belief and those who protested against tyrants by using non-violent means. However, there can be trouble when the West gives the refuge to people who committed violent or terrorist acts in their own countries.

In Myanmar (Burma), the ruling party National League for Democracy(NLD) members have been arrested several times by the military government. This is still true that NLD senior member Myo Yan Naung Thein was arrested by the military for criticizing the Senior General. That is not a big new in Burma anymore where any NLD members can be arrested for any trump up charges.

There is one new thing happened recently. Arakan Army(AA) which is labelled by NLD government as a terrorist organisation due to its violent acts. Before the democratic government declared AA as a terror organisation, AA killed several innocent Rakhine civilians who failed to follow their policy. Some of them are beheaded and some are summarily exeuted. The aim is to spread terror among civilians who opposed their arm struggle. They tried to assassinate the elected Chief Minister of Rakhine state, U Nyi Pu twice and failed. Although they shot and killed a WHO worker, they tried to blame the army for that. They kidnapped a member of parliament in Paletwa and then released. The role of AA as civilian vigilante, Arakan National Party(ANP) and the military in committing war crimes against Rohingya(Begali) in Rakhine state are still not clear. The leaders of ANP party met with the senior general before the crackdown started.

This time AA kidnapped two serving members of parliament and one candidate from NLD in Rakhine state when they are campaigning. AA admitted that they arrested NLD candidates and their crime is for campaigning during COVID. Do you think that it will be acceptable in US, UK, France, China and Russia if someone tried to kill your civilians and tried to assassinate your Chief Minister under the pretext of Independence movement? Or some armed groups arrest your civilians under the pretext of independent movement. They are civilians and non-combatants and simply doing their jobs. If Catalans independent movement do the same and EU will praise them as the freedom fighters?

The lessons from what happened in France and what happened in Manchester arena is that the west and UNSC members should do have double standard in dealing with terrorists. Terrorism is the terrorism whether it is committed in UK, Russia, China, Syria, US, France or in Myanmar. If Myanmar army commits any war crimes, we will prosecute them. If Myanmar fail to do so, ICC will do it.

We, Myanmar people would like to appeal all UNSC members and the West to take actions against terrorist organisations like AA in Myanmar (Burma) by cutting their funding and arresting them. Je suis Samuel and Je voudrais avoir Liberté, égalité and fraternité. You can support non-violent struggle if you want to. If you keep double standards and ignore terrorists in Libya, Syria and Myanmar and support them indirectly, they will come and haunt you later.

We hope that China will also condemn these terrorists as well and cut their funding. 我們希望中國譴責這些恐怖分子並削減資金

We are all Samuel and we condemn terrorists. Je suis Samuel and Nous condamnons les terroristes. Please stop double standards. Veuillez arrêter de faire deux poids, deux mesures.

NLD government led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is trying to build a federal democratic state with liberty, equality and fraternity values in place and trying to change the 2008 constitution which gave absolute power to the military and cause inequality and encourage human rights violations in Myanmar(Burma). We need your help. Nous avons besoin de votre aide. 我們需要你的幫助

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