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How G7 can help Myanmar people?

First of all, I would like to thank G7 countries for standing together with Myanmar people. Some Myanmar people hope that you will come and help Myanmar by using R2P. I do appreciate that you are struggling with COVID and Myanmar is not on your priority list. We didn’t expect you to invade and do the regime change like in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, we hope that you will use drone and helped us by removing the junta Min Aung Hlaing like you did to the General Soulemani. But it is still not happening so far.

I would like to share some insight knowledge from the military to help with your decision. The junta had calculated that you will impose sanctions but no military action. You can keep imposing sanctions whatever you like but these sanctions won’t be useful unless you follow up with some military actions.

Here is what Myanmar people expect from G7.

Please recognise our National Unity Government as a legitimate government of Myanmar.

Please transfer and give some or all of 1 billion US$ owned by Myanmar to NUG.

Please provide weapons and Surface to air missile to protect some populated areas by ourselves.

We started fighting with weapons from 18th century but you can help us to win the war or at least to change the direction. The junta only understand the force. If you don’t want to send the ground troops or don’t want to use your airforce or even drone, pls provide us with some weapons and SAM.

Myanmar people need your help and we need it now. We don’t want another Genocide in Myanmar(Burma). Please help us.

photo credit: BBC

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