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Day of Terror in Burma

In Burma, thousands of people come out to the streets to protest against the coup.

The coup leader Min Aung Hlaing ordered his security forces to open live fire and killed peaceful demonstrators.

Hundreds of people are wounded and hundreds of people are arrested.

Death toll is as follows

5 death in Yangon and another 20 in critical condition and awaiting operations at Yangon General Hospital

5 deaths in Tavoy

1 death in Pakokku

1 death in Bago

1 death in Mandalay

3 death in Myeik

1 death in Pulaw

1 death in Myaelat

We need your help. The world has the moral duty to prevent more loss of life in Burma. If you don’t want to help with air strikes, we will need your weapons to fight back. People should not die in vain.

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