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Who is the mastermind behind the assassination of U Ko Ni and the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya?

The majority of people will agree with me about the fact that the coup leader and terrorist Min Aung Hlaing led the ethnic cleansing behind the Rohingya. The question is how it happened and why he has so much hatred towards Muslims and Rohingyas. In addition, nobody knew who was behind the killing of U Ko Ni at that time. Some experts will say ex-Senior General Than Shwe’s wife was the mastermind behind it. Nobody outside the military will know about it and most importantly no one will understand it unless you were close to Senior General Min Aung Hlaing’s wife, Kyu Kyu Hla’s background.

Who is Kyu Kyu Hla? She was born from a Rakhine ethnic family and she was taught to have racial hatred towards the Bamar ethnic group and Rohingya. During her high school years, she wouldn’t mix with any Bamar or Indian ethnic students. She always said vulgar things about people of Indian origin and used derogatory term ‘Kalar’ against them. She occasionally spat at them and her friends were really surprised about her attitude and behaviour at that time. However, it is not only her. Her sister, Swe Swe Hla did the same things as well. They won’t mix with the Bamar students and said derogatory words against Muslims and people of Indian origin. Her sister also occasionally spat at them if they followed them. This is confirmed by two friends who were close to her and still know them until their later life. When you discussed with these two sisters about the Rakhine history, they will tell their grievances against British empire, Bamar, Muslims, Rohingya and the people of Indian origin. They blame the UK for the loss of their land in the Rakhine state. However, in a twist of fortune, she fell in love with Min Aung Hlaing in her Uni days. She made sure he was not Bamar. Initially, her family didn’t like the idea of her marriage to Min Aung Hlaing, but they gave up her demand.

After she was married to him, she has toned down her Anti Bamar rhetoric, but she kept on discriminating against Muslim and Rohingya. This problem began to intensify when Min Aung Hlaing rose to power and become Commander-in-Chief. She spoke about how the Rohingya invaded her Rakhine state and how much she hated DASSK because she was simply married to a British national. She will keep talking non-stop about her bigoted views and how much she hates U Ko Ni because he is a Muslim and because he supported DASSK. Her anger began to swell more when she learnt the fact that U Ko Ni helped the NLD to amend the Constitution for the State Counsellor. She knew it because she did have access to the military intelligence through personal staff officer of Min Aung Hlaing. At that time, nobody knew that U Ko Ni helped the NLD to find the gap in the Constitution. Only a few top members of the NLD party knew about it and the military intelligence who bugs the conversation between the NLD top members and DASSK.

Because of her hatred, Min Aung Hlaing’s PSO at that time ,Lin Zaw Htun, wanted to punish U Ko Ni for what he did, and he had discussed this with ex Colonel Aung Win Khine. That is how it led to the assassination of U Ko Ni. The investigation for this assassination was led by the Deputy Minister Maj-General Aung Soe. When Lin Zaw Htun confessed why he did it, Aung Soe was in shock and he bypassed the minister and directedly informed Senior General Min Aung Hlaing. Obviously, they released Lin Zaw Htun and whitewashed the case. Deputy Minister was promoted because he has concealed the crime of Kyu Kyu Hla.

If you ask the people who are close to Kyu Kyu Hla and Swe Swe Hla, everyone in the army knows that they are Anti Muslim and Anti-Rohingya. At the same time, Min Aung Hlaing was desperate to undermine DASSK. Then this Rohingya crisis became apparent. Min Aung Hlaing had the similar sentiment and shared the same view with his wife and his sister in law. The only difference is that when the operation against the Rohingya started, Min Aung Hlaing’s wife Kyu Kyu Hla gave the order to kill all Kalar(which means Rohingya) and the order was given from the war office by Moe Myint Tun and Kyaw Swar Linn at that time. This is an extra ordinary situation, and the soldiers were in shock. They don’t understand why she was involved in such a thing and why her husband allowed it. But the order came via her PSO and then via Moe Myint Tun and Kyaw Swar Linn, they had no choice but to obey the order. When Min Aung Hlaing had to prosecute people who committed the war crime or the ethnic cleansing in Rakhine state, he is under intense pressure from the junior staffs because they can disclose the truth if they are jailed and given lengthy sentence. Therefore, the ethnic cleansing against Rohingya and the assassination of U Ko Ni didn’t happen accidentally, but this happened and started from the ideology and lifelong hatred of Kyu Kyu Hla and the capacity of Min Aung Hlaing to carry it out. Therefore, UN should investigate the chain of command and try to prosecute not only the Min Aung Hlaing but also his wife as well.

(Disclaimer: The witnesses in this article can testify at ICC if UN can give them asylum including their family members. For ICC prosecutor who is investigating ethnic cleansing and crimes against Humanity against Min Aung Hlaing, she can ask Facebook to download the content of Kyu Kyu Hla and Swe Swe Hla account. These accounts will contain the post which are against Muslims and also against Rohingya and encouraging soldiers to commit crimes against Humanity)

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