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Who is doing the fighting and bombing in Burma?

I am contemplating whether to write about it but I have decided to write it for foreigners. After the coup, Myanmar military which is recognised as a terrorist group started shooting demonstrators indiscriminately and killed nearly 900 now and the number is still rising. After that, some local administrators who worked for the military has been shot dead and some schools and markets were set on fire. Who is doing this? If you ask the terrorist group led by Min Aung Hlaing, they will tell you that these are all done by the National Unity Government. However, the military never tell the truth and they will never admit their offences. They even said that Rohingya are setting fire their own villages although the military is the one who set fire and committed the crime.

At the moment, the National Unity Government(NUG) is giving military training and forming People Defence Force. This will be the future army and they follow the Geneva convention and rules of engagement. This new army will be under the control of the civilian. However, these forces are still being trained. They haven’t done anything yet.

So who is doing this? There are many people who have been killed by the military, their local administrator and some government officials(non CDM) who don’t take part in the civil disobedience movement. Some have been killed or their family members or friends have been killed. They want to take revenge and protect themselves as no one came to rescue when they used non violent methods. So they have decided to start local revolution on their own. This example can be seen in Mindat and Demawsoe where local people are fighting back the junta forces with 19th century hunting rifles. They know that their guns are not match for the helicopter gunship and fighter jets but they have decided to fight in spite of all difficulties they have to face. They are not under the control of NUG. They don’t receive money or training from NUG. But they don’t do any bombing of public places, schools or markets.

The next question is who is doing bombing in these places. In order to discredit National Unity Government, the army led by Min Aung Hlaing set up a paramilitary group called Phyu Saw Htee whose members are veterans of Rohingya massacre, ex-military personnel and the military allied USDP party. Their job is to bomb public places, to set fire on the schools, villages, markets and the opposition houses. It is funded by the military intelligent unit which is under direct command of Min Aung Hlaing. Some markets and houses were burnt down by the junta forces who did it to hide their crimes. For example, the junta forces stole valuable goods in Shwebo market and they set fire the market to destroy the evidence. In some area, schools are empty because both teachers and students are boycotting the junta. In these area, these paramilitary group, Pyu Saw Htee set fire the schools so that the children can’t come back to school even if the civilian government come back to power. The second reason is that they would like to blame this on NUG and discredit NUG. The junta Min Aung Hlaing was so furious when ASEAN didn’t speak out for this and didn’t fall into his trap. The school bombing idea came from Russia.

In Conclusion, people are fighting back locally for their survival up to now and they are not under the direct command of NUG. NUG said they will call for D Day and people are waiting for this. What is happening now in Burma is equivalent to what is happening in France where resistance forces were fighting locally against the Nazi occupier before D Day. If we can get rid of this dictator, this day will become our D Day and will be part of our history.

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