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Who is behind the bombing in Yangon?

It looks clear for ordinary Burmese citizens but it may be difficult for foreigners to figure it out who is behind the bombing. In Burma, the junta has the military security affairs unit and one of its special branch is for covert operations and counter intelligence. They are acting like journalists, scholars, party members, NGOs and some cases PDFs. It was commissioned under the command of Maj General Toe Yee who is the deputy director of military security unit. It was started under Lt. Gen Soe Htut who was the head of military security unit at that time. The main aim is to discredit NLD government and to incite riots based on ethnicity and religion. They had some success in it. For example, the journals like Eleven, Akonthi are funded by the military via businessman. After the coup, they no longer need to fund via intermediary and set up news agency like Neo Politics to do propaganda job for the junta.

After the coup, the counter intelligence unit under the military security affairs department set up some local PDFs as well. The aim is to gather intelligence from other PDFs, also to discredit NUG by publicly criticizing over the social media and also to do some dirty job to discredit NUG and democratic movement. The question is why they are bombing now in Yangon. Myanmar military units under the junta are burning thousands of villages in Burma's heartland and killing hundreds of civilians. So this is nothing new for them to kill innocent civilians. So why now? The answer is clear. National Unity Government(NUG) of Myanmar's foreign Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung met with US's assistant secretary of State in Washington and Malaysia's foreign minister publicly and also met with foreign ministers of Indonesia and Singapore privately. In addition, another NUG minister Professor Zaw Wai Soe met with UK Minister for Asia in London. That rattled the generals in Naypyidaw and they decided to do some public bombings via their counter intelligence units to discredit NUG. They think that if they can blame NUG for these bombings and potray NUG as a terrorist organisation, the west will stop supporting NUG morally like in Syria. So they are planning to bomb some schools in Yangon as well and the aim is to discredit NUG internationally via state lobbyist news outlet like Neo Politics and using their sympathiser in BBC Burmese and VOA Burmese. It will be followed by their scholars lobbying in the west and they will ask the west to help the junta to stop terrorism. They have already hired some journalist and scholars like Min Zin to argue in the Economist journal.

In Conclusion, some may argue whether the junta Min Aung Hlaing has the audacity to commit such audacious crimes. He publicly said that there is no limit for him and he can commit any crimes for his power. He committed Genocide against Rohingya for his power and has been killing his own countrymen. So the bombing in Yangon is too small price for him to pay for his power. He is planning for more bombings around the schools as well. He is desparate for power and he even staged the coup when people are suffering from COVID. So people must prepare for the worst. For the west, words are not enough to console people of Burma. We need weapons. When Putin is arming the junta, US is not arming NUG. NUG needs weapons now to save lives. Please help us to fight terrorism in Burma and please help us to remove this terrorist Min Aung Hlaing.

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