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Sorry seems to Be the last word Burmese want to hear

The situation in Burma has been a concern for the international community for many years. The Rohingya crisis, in particular, has led to the displacement of thousands of people and allegations of genocide. The international community has been pressuring then the NLD led civilian government to take action to address the situation.The recent coup in Burma has raised concerns about the future of human rights in the country. The military junta that seized power has a history of human rights abuses, and there are fears that the situation could worsen under their rule.The world has been witnessing the atrocities committed by the military junta in Burma with increasing horror but no action. Secretary Antony Blinken has spoken out about the need to prevent another genocide, citing the tragic events in Rwanda as a warning of what can happen when the world fails to act. However, despite the severity of the situation in Burma, there has been a lack of action from the international community.The military junta in Burma has not only shot and killed its own citizens who are peacefully protesting the coup, but they have also committed acts of violence against innocent villagers. They have burned entire villages, killed children, and displaced millions of people inside the country. The situation is reminiscent of the violence inflicted on the Rohingya population, but on an even larger scale. Despite this, there has been little coverage of the situation in the western media, and no intervention from Mr. Biden or any other leaders. Today, the junta bombed a village in Kanbalu township and killed more than 100 people including children.Unfortunately, there has been little coverage in the Western media or concern from President Biden, and there is no sign of intervention from the US and its allies. The UN has provided no aid to those displaced people and has even allowed the Myanmar military to transport its supplies using UN banners. While the US Congress has authorized the Biden administration to help the National Unity Government (NUG) of Burma, President Biden and Secretary Blinken must follow through on their promises and provide assistance to the NUG and the People's Defence Force (PDF).However, China and Russia are not standing idly by, as they are both interfering in Burma. Russia is supporting the junta by upgrading its air force, purchasing artillery from Burma to use in Ukraine, and training the junta’s special forces to raid resistance strongholds. China, on the other hand, is supplying weapons to the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and its allies in northern Burma and now providing weapons to the Burma Peoples Liberation Army (BPLA) and Peoples Revolution Army (PRA) via the Arakan Army to counterbalance the NUG.The junta's deliberate bombing of a village, killing over 100 civilians, is a clear indication of their intention to kill as many people as possible and maximize their terror campaign. The lack of support from the US and its allies will lead to a further deterioration of the situation in Burma, with the country becoming a safe haven for organized transatlantic gangs and a hub for narcotic and amphetamine trade, surpassing Afghanistan as a major threat to US’s security. The refugees who have fled the junta's atrocities will reach Europe and the US, creating a new wave of refugees that will be difficult to deny asylum to.Furthermore, the influx of refugees from Burma could strain resources in the West, particularly in Europe and the UK, and the junta's support of Russia by providing ammunition for the war in Ukraine could further escalate tensions between the US and Russia and war in Ukraine.The lack of action from the international community is concerning, especially given the severity of the situation. It is imperative that world leaders, including Mr. Biden, take a stronger stance and condemn the violence being perpetrated by the military junta. The United Nations must also provide aid to those who have been displaced and ensure that the military is not able to use their UN banner to transport supplies to its troop. ASEAN, too, must do more to help those in need, particularly in Sagaing state. It is crucial that the Biden administration reconsiders its position on Burma and provides the necessary support to the NUG to prevent further atrocities and displacement of innocent civilians. While it may not have reached the threshold for intervention before, the situation has escalated to the point where action is necessary. The junta is targeting civilians, including children, and committing atrocities on a massive scale. It is imperative that the United States and its allies provide assistance to the NUG, including the provision of surface-to-air missiles and early warning systems to protect against airstrikes. We are not asking any US boots on the ground but asking Mr Biden to provide what Congress has authorised to do so. US leadership in this situation is needed to prevent another genocide and to ensure that the values of democracy and human rights are upheld. It is not enough to simply condemn the junta's actions or express sympathy for the victims; action is needed to prevent further bloodshed and displacement.

If the US and its allies fail to provide support, NUG will have no choice but to reconsider its policy and potentially turn to China for assistance. However, this would not align with the values of the NUG, which are more closely aligned with those of the US and the West. At present, the NUG has received no weapons from the US, while China has provided more weapons to the BPLA and PRA, who are against the junta but not under the NUG.

In conclusion, the situation in Burma is critical, and the US and its allies must take immediate action to provide assistance to the NUG and the PDF. Failure to do so will have severe consequences for US’s national security. It is time for President Biden and Secretary Blinken to follow through on their promises and prevent another genocide in Burma.

I hope that the Biden’s administration will reconsider and provide some weapons or early warning system to prevent air raids in Burma. It will be too late to condemn and say sorry after the Genocide. US needs to show leadership rather than following ASEAN and otherwise, the junta will think ‘Sad and Sorry word from US and UN’ like the music of “Sorry seems to Be the Hardest Word”.  


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